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Sport Club CH2 'La Marina'

Sport in your holidays

The idea of ??the project is to unite paddle tennis and tennis with the constant visits of tourists from all over the world, being able to have a sport and leisure offer. In addition to being a local, county and national reference at the level of schools and events.

The initiative comes from the union of Magic Costa Blanca and the company CH2 . CH2 was created by Chus Contreras and Chema Moreno, 2 people who have been linked to tennis and paddle all their lives. This company begins its walk with the address in the well-known club of the coast levantina Club Marina


- 4 clay tennis courts
- 2 hard court tennis courts (quick)
- 2 tracks of fronton
- 3 paddle courts with glass walls
- 1 sports court
- 1 Football Field 11
- 1 Swimming pool
- Changing Rooms


- Bar-Restaurant
- Sports equipment store
- Physiotherapy Service
- Parking


INTENSIVE TENNIS Concentrated in the morning 2 hours and a half of tennis and 1 hour of physical preparation. Small groups with coach. Minimum 1 week.
COMPLETE TENNIS Double morning and afternoon session (2 hours and a half and 1 hour and a half) plus 1 hour and a half of physical preparation. Small groups with coach. Minimum 1 week.
RECREATIONAL TENNIS Daily track rental for a free practice without a coach. MAX 4 people. Minimum 1 week.
SCHOOL OF TENNIS AND PADEL OF AFTERNOON Small groups in the afternoon, with a variation of 1 to 3 days a week with tennis or paddle and physical preparation.
SCHOOL OF TENNIS AND PADEL OF WEEKENDS Groups plus 5 people with practice on the weekends in the morning.
TENNIS AND PADEL PARTICULAR CLASSES They can be individual, two or three people. Schedule to be agreed.
ADULT SCHOOL Small groups in afternoon schedules.
SUMMER CAMP AND HOLY WEEK Morning hours with meals, performing all kinds of sports and recreational activities according to age.

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